All about Olmo

Get to know Olmo Cuarón’s interest in short films and animations

Although Olmo Cuarón is not a professional animator, he is undoubtedly very talented to make stop-motion videos, short films and animations. 

At only 18 years of age, he has been able to identify what he likes, what he is passionate about, his skills and interests. 

Therefore, it is clear that he is deeply interested in music and that he thinks animation is a lot of fun. 

Olmo Cuarón’s life

In general, Olmo Cuarón leads a life like any normal young man of his age. He follows routines, has friends and is still figuring out what he will do professionally. 

It is true that he is doing well creating animations, and in fact, they can be thoroughly appreciated in his YouTube channel and in his social media. 

But we still don’t know if this is his ideal occupation. Luckily, he still has a lot of time to figure out this situation and make the best decision. 

On the other hand, it is important to mention that Olmo Cuarón’s father is a Hollywood celebrity. 

His father’s success

We are talking about the successful film director, Alfonso Cuarón. The same one who won two Academy Awards and has had 10 Oscar nominations. 

Olmo Cuarón’s father has savoured the sweetness of success in repeated occasions, which fills him with pride and satisfaction.

And although his professional growth has not slowed down with time, it is important to al acknowledge his personal side. 

Olmo Cuarón: his family and interests

Olmo Cuarón has two siblings. He is the youngest and one of his father’s most valuable treasure.

Many attribute his artistic interest to his father’s influence in his life. But for now, this young man with Mexican heritage has not yet decided how he will make a living in the near future. 

For the time being, he is happy and comfortable creating animations and short films freely and authentically, and that to him is most important.