All about Olmo

Get to know Olmo Cuarón’s passion for animation

Olmo Cuarón is dedicated to creating animations, short films and stop-motion videos in an authentic, interesting and genuine way. 

This young man has great abilities to create animations. He is also proud of his skills since he has even shared some of his animations in his social media accounts. 

In fact, Olmo Cuarón uses some of his platforms, such as his YouTube channel to share his animations with the rest of the world. 

Olmo Cuarón and his family life

His creative vein is quite alive, and for now he is enjoying his results. But there is also a lot to say about this young man from the familiar point of view. 

He is the youngest of three siblings, and his father is one of the most acclaimed Latin American filmmakers of the world.

Also, Olmo Cuarón is son of Alfonso Cuarón, who possesses two Oscar Awards as “Best Director”. 

After superbly directing the films “Gravity” and “Roma”, Alfonso Cuarón has established himself as one of the most brilliant minds of the film industry.  

He has been nominated a total of 10 times to the Academy Awards, but to this day has only won two golden statuettes. 

Alfonso Cuarón has three children

Alfonso Cuarón has achieved very important milestones in Hollywood, and has also uplifted the Mexican and Latin American film industry in recent years. 

Without a doubt, he is one of the most outstanding exponents of modern filmmaking and one of the most beloved filmmakers of Mexico.

This fills his three children with pride, including Olmo Cuarón, who, in one way or another, shares artistic interests with his successful father. 

Olmo Cuarón and his animations

It is undeniable that
Olmo Cuarón
enjoys creating animations. He also has a genuine interest in short films and stop motion. 

At the same time, he enjoys listening to music, share special moments with his family and friends, and have a relatively normal life.

Olmo Cuarón is not 100% clear if he will be fully engaged in creating animation, but for now he enjoys this interest of his very much.