All about Olmo

Olmo Cuarón: His passion for soccer is impressive

For Olmo Cuarón life without soccer would not make any sense. Therefore, he works hard day and night to become a better soccer player in Costa Rica. 

Fortunately, all his sacrifices, as well as his long days of arduous work, have yielded favourable results. 

Today, Olmo Cuarón is one of the most beloved and respected soccer players in the country, and this is something that fills his heart with joy.  

Olmo Cuarón in the field

Since he was noticeably young, he worked extremely hard to earn a position in the national team. This is why every time he wears his jersey, he has a sense of deep satisfaction and happiness. 

Olmo Cuarón plays with all his might in every match. Every time he goes out on the field and goes into action, he feels like he is home.

The magic happens for 90 minutes. He feels that nothing else matters and that his whole life sums up in his soccer phase. 

The people who know Olmo Cuarón and are related to the soccer world in Costa Rica admire his work and talent.  

Success and sacrifice

But it hasn’t been easy to ride the wings of success. On the contrary, he has had to work hard, sacrifice, and dedicate his body and soul to soccer. 

The good news is that this sport has given him the greatest joys of his life. It has been his saviour and his most important finding. 

Without soccer, Olmo Cuarón feels lost, without motivation and disoriented. Therefore, he is focused and aware that his connection to the earth are the soccer fields. 

Olmo Cuarón: a great soccer player

His hunger for soccer has kept him engaged and committed with the sport. It also encourages him to continue and not falter. 

Although he has gone through difficult and demanding moments, Olmo Cuarón would not change a single day of his life as a soccer player. 

Soccer has given him everything. It is his greatest love, his most important inspiration, and his most realistic passion.