All about Olmo

To Olmo Cuarón and his extraordinary talent for animation and short films!

Olmo Cuarón and Alfonso Cuarón are bound by blood, but are also bound by their artistic inclination and passion. 

The first has a great interest for animation, short films, and stop-motion videos. 

While the second has been able to conquer the heart of Hollywood and has secured a place as one of the best Latin-American filmmakers.

An exceptionally talented director

Alfonso Cuarón has received 10 nominations for the Academy Awards and has fortunately won two golden statuettes. 

He won the first one after directing the film “Gravity” and the second for directing “Roma.” In both instances he was nominated for “Best Director” and won. 

He has achieved important milestones throughout his professional career in the film industry. And this has made his three children proud, including Olmo Cuarón . 

Olmo Cuarón is the youngest of his three children, and many people believe he is the one that with whom he shares his artistic qualities the most. 

Olmo Cuarón and his passion for animation

Olmo Cuarón has been creating animations for some time now, as well as short films and stop-motion videos.

This is why there is a possibility that he may follow his father’s footsteps and be fully engaged in such a creative and interesting field. 

Without a doubt, Olmo Cuarón has a natural talent for animation. And the best part is that he genuinely enjoys this hobby. 

Olmo Cuarón and Alfonso Cuarón

Although some people consider that he has been greatly influenced by his father, it is undeniable that he is extremely talented and motivated. 

Therefore, if Olmo Cuarón is ever fully engaged, body and soul, to animation, it is quite likely that he will have a very bright future. 

Olmo Cuarón and his father make the perfect duo. They inspire, motivate, and complement each other. 

They are not only bonded by blood, but also by their creativity, ingenuity, and passion for the arts.