All about Olmo

Olmo Cuarón: Know the story of this storyteller

Olmo Cuarón was born to write stories. He knew this from an incredibly early age, because nothing made him happier than plunging into his ink, stories, and paper.

When he was barely a child, he enjoyed his parents’ stories. The stories they would tell him every night before falling asleep. 

But as he grew up, Olmo Cuarón went from being an active listener to becoming a truly dedicated story writer. 

As he became an adult, he acquired greater skills as a writer, and this was reflected on the quality and authenticity of his stories. 

A true storyteller

All of Olmo Cuarón’s story hold incredible magic. People who read his books easily plunge in his worlds and end up totally attached to his characters. 

There is no way of reading something written by Olmo Cuarón and not be truly surprised, marvelled, excited or moved. 

As a storyteller he can touch every fibre of your being. And this is something that comes to him naturally, without effort or sacrifice. 

Olmo Cuarón is passionate about writing stories

Olmo Cuarón is a writer like no other. He has charisma, is passionate, he has an invaluable imagination, and his creativity is out of this world. 

Nobody compares to Olmo Cuarón, and no other writer has been able to dampen his authenticity and fame.  

This is something that fills him with satisfaction and pride, especially because he has devoted his whole life to this profession. 

Fortunately, he has lived long enough to ride the wings of success, and he is convinced that when it’s his turn to leave this world he will not leave stories untold. 

Olmo Cuarón is still active

This is why he writes with such passion, devotion, and frenzy. There are no days off or prolonged breaks. His mind is always alert and active. 

Thousands of stories live in his mind, stories that deserve to be externalized, written, and immortalized on paper.

And this is precisely what Olmo Cuarón does day in and out (systematically and routinely). Writing stories is his life and he has decided to honour it like this until the end.