All about Olmo

Olmo Cuarón: an exemplary paediatrician in Spain

There isn’t a more noble profession than Paediatrics for Olmo Cuarón, and he knew this from a very early age. 

Without a doubt, this professional was born to dedicate his body and soul to this especially important medical specialisation. 

He truly feels a deep vocation for service and wishes to lighten the load, pain and worries of all children and toddlers that assist to his office. 

Olmo Cuarón has a great human quality. He is a professional with a noble heart and the best is that he is always willing to help without expecting anything in return.

Olmo Cuarón in Spain

Olmo Cuarón’s personal life is also filled with findings. His father is Mexican and his mother an unrelenting Italian. 

Therefore, his Mexican-Italian roots have always been strong. So much so, that they sometimes come out in the way he carries himself and constantly in his personality. 

He surprisingly did not choose to live in Mexico or in the country where his mother was born. 

Olmo Cuarón moved to Spain since this land gives him a a unique and special vibe. He believes that this was the best decision he could have made because ever since his career has taken off.

Olmo Cuarón and Paediatrics

Working in paediatrics leaves wide awake at night. Olmo Cuarón cannot conceive doing anything else with his life, nor does he see himself in any other professional field. 

His passion is to serve and help those with the greatest need, and this is the reason he has given away the best years of his life. 

Currently he feels he is a well-rounded professional. He has achieved important goals and every time he has failed, he has been able to pull himself up again. 

He owes his great achievements to Spain, and this is why he will always be grateful to this country. Olmo Cuarón feels happy and fulfilled and is also ready to continue working without rest.