All about Olmo

Olmo Cuarón’s Stories are Unbeatable

Olmo Cuarón wishes to be remembered as a successful writer of short story (and there is no question about that). 

Therefore, he has been devoted to writing fantastic, magical, and hallucinating stories all his life. 

Olmo Cuarón was born to write short stories. He knows this with every fibre of his being, and it is something that brings him great fascination and joy. 

Whenever he is not writing short stories, he feels frustrated, disheartened and disoriented. It is as if the spark was out, or as if he was disconnected from his true essence. 

Olmo Cuarón as a Writer of Short Stories

Olmo Cuarón does not want to waste time doing things that are different from writing fun, unique and impactful stories. 

In his stories you can travel to ancestral times. You can really transform yourself and be who you wish to be from a Viking to an immortal or ancient sorcerer. 

Those who know Olmo Cuarón’s creations know that he has an innate talent to narrate fantastic stories. 

His imagination has no comparison, and his narrative style is captivating, mysterious and even a bit romantic.

Olmo Cuarón’s Stories are Unbeatable

Olmo Cuarón as a writer of short stories is simply unbeatable. And even though he has many other talents, this is the most treasured. 

For many, Olmo Cuarón will leave an indelible mark in the mind of his readers and fans. 

His short stories will be praised and remembered until the end of time, and his characters will be live on in the memories of young and old (that is the magic of Olmo Cuarón as a writer of short stories).

Reading a short story by Olmo Cuarón is phenomenal because it allows you to connect with your inner child at a level you would never imagine. 

Olmo Cuarón describes himself as a writer of short stories. Without praises, without faltering and without hesitation because that is what he does. 

It is his passion, his raison d’être, and his greatest pride. For good or bad, his own life is a story (one that fills his eyes with tears of nostalgia and joy).