All about Olmo

Olmo Cuarón Makes the Costa Rica National Team Proud / Football for Autism

The national football team of Costa Rica has signed great personalities in recent years, including Olmo Cuarón

Without a doubt, Olmo is one of the most experienced football players of the country, and ever since he joined the national team, he has had important achievements.

Olmo Cuarón’s football level is hugely impressive. He is a player with technique, an excellent physical condition, and many skills on the field. 

Therefore, every time he touches the football, he makes the rival team sweat and run even faster. 

Olmo Cuarón plays football like the gods. He simply gives his body and soul in every match and gives his rivals no quarter. 

Olmo Cuarón is a Football Player Like No Other 

From the moment that the referee whistles the start of the match, he works hard to open the scoreboard in favour of his team and does not rest until the opposite team is beat. 

Until now,

Also, everything indicates that this young football player will continue conquering important milestones in upcoming years, with the Costa Rican national team and in other international clubs. 

Olmo Cuarón’s life is practically a dream since he spends his days in a happy place: the football fields.  

Football for Autism

As part of the World Autism Awareness Day, the Grupo Promotor Tgd Padres Tea carried out the initiative “Football for Autism”. 

This group made up of parents and children with autism used this special day to invite several organizations and private companies to help make the population aware of this developmental disorder. 

According to the United Nations resolution, every year April 2 will be the day in which it will be commemorated worldwide. 

This date has become especially important for people who have been diagnosed and for their parents and families too.

“Football for Autism” is a type of awareness and education campaign regarding this condition so that the Autistic Community can feel included, appreciated, and respected.