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The 'new' piazza dell'Olmo: "Now the checks on the trees" The petition is launched for the complete removal of the tensile structure

The wave of bad weather that hit Terni has caused various inconveniences in various areas of the city. Due to the strong wind, one of the pillars supporting the tensile structure in piazza dell’Olmo was heavily damaged as a result of the fallen branches. The public green office of the Municipality of Terni, through the company in charge, intervened to free the shrubs from the square, proceed with pruning and secure the area. All this happened during the morning of Thursday 28 July.

Subsequently, an inspection by the fire brigade took place which anticipated a new intervention, completed yesterday – Friday 29 July. The damaged part of the tensile structure has been removed, as well as the same pylons that supported it. At the moment, therefore, the opposite side to the one that the bad weather had targeted remained intact.

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